14th International Conference on Application of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering

9th-13th July 2023, Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to
THE 14th ICASP Conference

9th-13th July 2023
Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to ICASP14 from Prof. Alan O’Connor (Trinity College Dublin) and Prof. Vikram Pakrashi (University College Dublin). This website will be the basis of our communication with you all over the coming months/years to keep you informed with important and exciting information concerning ICASP14. 

Since our last meeting in Seoul, the world has changed a lot from the way we knew it. It probably goes to show in these times of pandemic how uncertain everything is, how fragile we are individually, and how resilient we are collectively. As we try to emerge to a 'new normal' life, we would like to congratulate you for continuing to carry on with your investigations into applications of statistics and probability in Civil Engineering, in order to understand, manage and act on risks and uncertainties. 

In 2023, ICASP14 will be held in Trinity College Dublin and we will be delighted to host you all in this physical event.  Dublin is an amazing place to visit and extremely well connected globally. ICASP14 will give us an opportunity to meet each other again and to exchange ideas and engage in robust discussions.  Just as we have done before. Just as we expect it to be for ICASP14. 

In that spirit, let's make ICASP14 a great success. See you there and let's emerge as a larger and stronger community moving forward.

Keynote Speakers