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Mini Symposia /  Proposed Sessions

Listed below are the mini symposia which were accepted as sessions additional to the General Sessions.

MS 1: Data-Driven Risk Assessment of Structures and Infrastructure against Natural Hazards
MS 4: Quantitative assessment, performance prediction and design of interventions of existing concrete structures
MS 5: Civil Infrastructure in a Changing Climate: from Nonstationary Risk Assessment to Developing Adaptation Strategies
MS 6: Optimal decision making under uncertainty
MS 7: Risk, Reliability and Resilience of Complex Systems
MS 8: Recent Advances in Stochastic Engineering Dynamics
MS 9: Performance assessment of existing structures – concepts and methods
MS 10: Life-Cycle Risk, Resilience, and Sustainability of Structures and Infrastructure Systems
MS 11: Multi-hazard risk modelling: beyond conventional approaches
MS 13: Reliability assessment in computational structural dynamics: Advancements in theory and applications
MS 14: Timber engineering – Structural reliability, probabilistic modelling, environmental assessment
MS 15: Applications of Statistics and Probability in Renewable Energy Systems
MS 17: Bayesian analysis of structural and geotechnical models
MS 18: Risk-Targeted Design Loads for Buildings and Infrastructure
MS 19: Surrogate and Reduced Order Models
MS 20: Probabilistic modelling of natural hazards and associated risks
MS 21: Community and Regional Resilience Modeling for Decision-Support
MS 22: Recent advances in geotechnical risk and reliability
MS 23: Design Optimization of Structures under Uncertainty
MS 24: Vibration Analysis and Mitigation of Structures under Uncertainties
MS 25: Information Value and Decision Analyses
MS 26: Advances in methods for global reliability of complex structures
MS 27: Data-driven and physical-informed methods for structural reliability assessment and design
MS 28: Structural Health Monitoring and Uncertainties in Modeling and Inspection
MS 29: Novel challenges in performance-based seismic design and seismic performance assessment of structures
MS 30: Probabilistic Design and Reliability of Offshore Wind Turbines
MS 31: Design of Structural Systems for Robustness Against Disproportional Collapse
MS 33: Inspection and Monitoring of Built Infrastructure
MS 35: Uncertainty in Geotechnical Engineering
MS 36: Uncertainty in Traffic Data
MS 37: Reliability Based Assessment of Structures
MS 38: Reliability, Risk and Resilience of Civil Engineering Systems under Multiple Hazards
MS 39: Climate-resilient infrastructure networks: modeling and evaluating resilience enhancing interventions
MS 40: Probabilistic Modelling of Bridge Traffic Loading
MS 41: Calibration of Structural Design Codes
MS 42: Developing a national framework for scour risk assessment incorporating SHM and probabilistic approaches
MS 44: Uncertainties in hydrology and scour risks